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Dams & Dikes
Green Pastures
Historic Windmills
Cheese Farm
Wooden Shoes Workshop
Lakes & Locks
Reclaimed Land
Quaint Fishing Towns
Driving at (very) small rural roads

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My tours are not suitable for persons with mobility limitations.
Private Amsterdam and Holland Cities Tours
"I'll pick you up with my clean and spacious Ford Galaxy minivan and take you on a private sightseeing tour of famous Holland historic sites.
Visit a cheesefarm, a white/blue pottery factory shop, windmills, flower gardens and famous fishing towns. Stroll through quaint historic villages and take pictures of interesting sites. 
Let me show you the Dutch landscape with its many canals, dikes, dams and green pastures.
Pick one of my favorite tours, and you'll have a wonderful time!"

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Driving through the countryside, I usually take the small scenic roads, thus giving you a better sense of Holland's rural environment.

Professionalism, care and fun, plus my friendship are the cornerstones of my tours.

Ray Vandenburg

Private Holland Tours
Private Holland Tours 

is specialized in private guided tours for active individuals, couples and families.
I heartily welcome travelers from all coun-tries of the world.

From your first enquiry up to the execution of your tour, I will be your contact, answer all your questions, and  accompany you as a friend on your desired tour.

My walking tours in the historic villages, often depart from the usual tourist routes, showing you the most interesting aspects and medieval reminiscences.