Delft Pottery Factory


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Delft & The Hague Tour
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Private Amsterdam and Holland Cities Tours
The blue and white pottery of the Delft factories is well known throughout the world. You'll get a private demonstration of the manufacturing process. In the factory shop thousands of articles are displayed to satisfy your eyes.
You also make a guided stroll across the cosy Great Market and the surrounding historic streets and alleys.

Touring through The Hague we will drive along the Houses of Parliament and the Peace Palace (International Court of Law).
And, since we're so close to the seacoast, we will also have a look at our sandy North Sea beach and the natural dunes.

Always wanted to be face to face with Vermeer & Rembrandt paintings, Fabricius' Goldfinch, and more? You can see them during a one hour visit in the Mauritshuis.

The ride back to Amsterdam leads along the wealthy part of the Hague with views at beautiful mansions and luxury homes.
Visit a Delft Factory and see Vermeer's famous 'Girl With a Pearl Earring'